Death, Destruction, Chaos, Filth & Greed

by The Car Bomb Parade

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released November 18, 2016

Dan "Family Man" - Vocals
Will E. Ramone - Guitar & Vocals
Joey "BoneHead" - Drums

Bass guitar on Schoolyard Sniper by Patrick Chambers
Bass guitar on Burn, Subtle Art Of Suicide, Occupation, and Live For This, Die For This by Ed Willock

Track 1 recorded and engineered by Cory Bayer at PrimeTime Studios
Tracks 2-5 recorded and engineered by Michael Demaglie at Sound Fortress

Mixed and mastered by Bobby Torres of Frightbox Recording

Artwork by Dave Fox



all rights reserved


The Car Bomb Parade New York, New York

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Track Name: Schoolyard Sniper
When I get up I load my gun
Target practice just for fun
Take no apologies, make no demands
I'm taking justice into my own hands
'Cause I'm sick of you
And all the things you do
I'm gonna shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot

Here comes the bloody part
I'm a schoolyard sniper at heart

Well I just wanna make one thing clear
The earth has too many idiots here
It's not about population control
I just wanna see the whole world fall
'Cause I'm sick of this place
And the goddamn human race
I wanna kill kill kill kill kill

Here comes the bloody part
I'm a schoolyard sniper at heart
Mama always said to do my best
So I ain't stopping till there's no one left

I'm gonna save the world
Goodbye boys and girls
Track Name: Burn
Born into this life alone
We find a place to call our own
They separate and teach us hate
Vaccinate indoctrinate
Politics and religion
Media is brainwashing
Ain't no time for thinking
When you're meant to be a citizen

Sometimes I feel dead inside
I have no feelings I try and hide
For happiness I'll wait my turn
Until then I will burn

Grow up grow up gotta get old
Just stay in line and do what you're told
Slave to buy what they have sold
Conform to fit into their mold
I can't go on living this way
I wasn't meant to live this way
I can't go on another day
I guess I'll have to wait and bleed

I burn for you!

Insanity it seems has got me in this fucked reality
Forced into confirmity I can't escape
I cannot breathe
I'll never see the end of this
I'll never know a day of bliss
I'll never understand what all these people have
That I have missed

Living just to die in vain
Dying to escape the pain
The same old song, the same refrain
It's fucking pointless anyway
People they will never change
Never bend and never break
Think you're real, you're fucking fake
Trust me that was my mistake

Watch you walk down a path of pain
Watch you burn in flames
Watch you live your life in shame
Watch you burn in flames
Track Name: The Subtle Art Of Suicide
For years I let frustration
Get the best of me
Locked inside my prison
Dying to break free
A losing fight to stay alive
My only accolade
The only thing awaiting me
Is an early grave

So I'll find a hole to live in
And I'll take what I am given
This is my last prayer
Nowhere left to go
The subtle art of suicide is all we used to know

The years go by in spite of me
Trying to stop time
All my effort testament
To a life that is not mine
If you lose your grip
White-knuckle it, struggle to survive
If I got what I deserved
I wouldn't be alive
Track Name: Occupation
Washington is...
Burning with the dollars of a hundred fucking years
Flooded by the promises of media and fear
People's voices shut down
Like the bite from a rabid dog
Can you sell me on your freedom
When you're shooting angry mobs?

Line 'em up and kill 'em all
For fucking with our lives
Arm the occupation and we'll see if they survive
Arm the occupation and we'll see if they survive

Pick a side!

Judges, cops, and bosses
They are fucking with our lives
Our families are choking
On pre-meditated lies
Maybe they would listen if we occupied their homes
Burned their fucking churches down
And cut their women's throats

Go get your gun, go get your gun
Go get your gun, OCCUPATION!
Track Name: Live For This, Die For This
One time before I die
I'm gonna speak my mind
To the punks, the skins, the hardcore kids
The ones that live and die for this
We stand proud, though we are few
This one's for you...

They say life's a game
Nothing ever stays the same
You're gonna die with your name
But you've gotta choose
If you play by the rules kid
You're gonna lose

Their game is rigged
It's always been
It's our time to win

Life's a wild ride
I'm gonna ride or die
Take away my life
You won't take away my pride

They say life is shit
You're only dealt one hand
What you gonna do with it?
I say it's time
Stand up and fight
Take back your mind

Life's a wild ride
I'm gonna ride or die
Take away my life
You won't take away my pride

Their game is done
We fought the fight
...and won

Ride or die