For The Brigade

by The Car Bomb Parade

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The Purpose 02:37
The explosions of bombs And the screaming of men Blood splashed pavement Anarcho-sound machine Obliterated ostriches Lions loose in zoos Mothers are panicking and You should fucking too Your children are quarry My vision of this day Molotov cocktails Hurled into their face Unleash the beast Turn the psycho on Primary purpose We give zero fucks! The purpose is the final act The hair raised on your neck The purpose is the final thing You do when you're attacked Shed your wool Spirit dead sheep The purpose is a burning church The purpose means you’re free Car bomb parade Sexual and crazed I wanna see some blood And eyes a-crazed Naked and in flames Crawling up the walls Every motherfucker Every coffin town Terror shrieks only Turn us on Sprint for your life The purpose is our call AR-15s and lingerie Take em out back And shoot em in the head RIGHT NOW!! BRIGADE!! All love to the brigade!!
I believe you are infinity A torch, a pyre, insanity Human nature is a cold Descending like the ashes Of Chernobyl Impending soul mortality Bear witness to the tragedy Ripping claws inside my chest Can’t waste another breath Chalk lines where future lies The past is wonton gravity This moments’ your last moment Don’t let 'em hold you back Live for today Nothing to miss Be your own god Dead humanist... The current seeks to overtake Your boots...cement The fraud police Fucking you like fools A debt, a bet Waste the waste that’s wasting you Destroying what’s destroying you Curse the song, the vapid verse You’ll never be enough Rise above, obliterate Living with intensity So when death comes knocking There’s nothing left to take
Murder Party 04:07
So your name is Courtney Murder Queen of the scene Bright red mohawk, Dr. Martens Studded leather screams Like a bat in the dark Moth to flame Great white shark Pursing lips of hungry bloodlust Cause then you’ll see that she Drinks in the morning Til the sun goes down Everybody MURDER PARTY! Tell the girls downtown to Bring drugs, guns, and knives Cigarettes, feeling fine Everybody MURDER PARTY! We are the night Boston Mike and Squirrely (Oi!) Two fisting beers Went to town to tomahawk and Bought a keg of fear Oh the townsfolk, oh they mourned Like the guns on Veteran's Day 13 people missing breakfast But the judge still says that they The one true love is chaos Fire in our land In the backyards, fireworks Blowing off our hands And we live by the night Fading out, losing sight Whole world stacked beyond against us But soon they’ll see that we We are the night! We are the night!


released June 5, 2020

For The Brigade 7" out June 5, 2020

Rev. Nicky Bullets - Vocals
Will E. Ramone - Guitar & Vocals
Le Merf - Bass & Vocals
Drummer Mike - Drums & Vocals

All songs recorded with Rich Fabrizio at Frequency Studio in White Plains, NY

All songs mixed and mastered by Jast Collum at Freedom Soundworks in Long Island, NY

Artwork by Jack Grear

all rights reserved


all rights reserved


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