Opiate For The Madness

by The Car Bomb Parade

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released March 22, 2019

Dan "Family Man" - Vocals
Will E. Ramone - Guitar & Vocals
Le Merf - Bass & Vocals

Drums provided by Joey "Bonehead"
Additional bass provided by Andy Matts

Violin on "Our Brother" by Laura Beth Jones
Special guest vocals on "Our Brother" by Dani Psycho
Special guest vocals on "Hit The Ground" by Cory Bayer

All songs recorded with Cory Bayer at Frequency Studio in White Plains, NY except "Generation Fucked," "Original Hardcore Mentality," and "Our Brother" recorded with Shamus McCabe at Nada Studios.

All songs mixed and mastered by Cory Bayer. Additional mixing by Kevin Kumetz at Barbershop Studios

Artwork by Rob Israel

This album is dedicated in loving memory to Patrick "Squirrly" Chambers

license all rights reserved


all rights reserved


Track Name: Generation Fucked
All my life it's been the same
Been forced to accept their industry
That's not the way it's meant to be
I've learned their ways
I've played their games
Been forced to live on numbered days
I won't be part of your machine

I'll never be silenced
Till the day I die I'll make some noise
I pledge my defiance
Can't keep me from raising my voice

All your music sounds the same
Mindless anthems of the enslaved
You won't be dancing in your graves
Been force-fed all your commercial dreams
Overdosed on pop culture music schemes
I won't be part of your regime

Generation fucked
We need a rehab from the hits
Generation lied
We need a detox from their shit
Generation dead
We need a rehab from the hits
We have been misled
We need a detox from their shit
Track Name: Original Hardcore Mentality
Paid our dues and we're here to stay
Try getting in our fuckin' way

They say that I can't win
Lay down and just give in
That's a fact that I won't admit
I won't slow down and I'll never quit
Don't care what you think of me
Nothing came easily
I had to fight and I had to bleed
I got that mentality

I got nothing to prove to you
And I have everything to lose

Paid our dues and we're here to stay
Try getting in our fuckin way
Here to play, here to win
I told you once I won't tell you again

I say that you won't last
Your luck is running fast
Give up you never had a chance
Your day has come and your time has passed
I came to kill your scene
Watch it die happily
Put an end to hypocrisy
Put an end to your mockery
Track Name: Hit The Ground
First of all you’re a liar and a brat
Keep that shit away from me
Secondly you’re a poser and a hack
You fooled me once so shame on me
Tell me when you jumped off a bridge
Did you learn to fly? Did you grow your wings?
They say a quitter never wins
Since you failed the first time
You should do it again

That's what you get for being a two faced friend
You lost it all in the end
That's what you get for being a two faced friend
You lost it all in the end
That's what you get for being a two faced friend
You lost it all in the end
That's what you get
That's what you get
That's what you get... bitch

You made your shitty choices
You dug your grave, now you lie in it
Now you're exposed
Now you’re alone
I hope you enjoy your relationship with your dick
Track Name: Live For This, Die For This
One time before I die
I'm gonna speak my mind
For the punks, the skins, the hardcore kids
The ones that live and die for this
We stand proud, though we are few
This one's for you...

They say life's a game
Nothing ever stays the same
You're gonna die with your name
But you've gotta choose
If you play by the rules kid
You're gonna lose

Their game is rigged
It's always been
It's our time to win

Life's a wild ride
I'm gonna ride or die
Take away my life
You won't take away my pride

They say life is shit
You're only dealt one hand
What you gonna do with it?
I say it's time
Stand up and fight
Take back your mind

Life's a wild ride
I'm gonna ride or die
Take away my life
You won't take away my pride

Their game is done
We fought the fight
...and won

Ride or die
Track Name: Fuck The World
Dark times are coming
Can't escape it in my thoughts
Can't stop it with a .45
Or kill it with my shots
Can't stop a nation
Of people gone insane
Just another victim
Of a merciless crusade

Can you hear me brothers?
Sisters of our struggle?
Take the gun out of your mouth and point it at the world

What makes them better off than me?
Where do they get off?
Who's better than us?
Fuck the world

On a search for justice
In a world that's been decayed
So I left it all behind and joined
The Car Bomb Parade
Don't know where we're going
Or when this ride will end
But if you want to save yourself
Then join the fight my friend
Track Name: Global War
Revolution in the air
People we just sit and stare
"Not my problem I don't care"
People we are all the same
Playing people playing games
Money money money fame
Rebellion is dead and gone
The life of a fuckin' pawn
Live inside the lines they've drawn
Careful not to stray too far
What you see may leave you scarred
Truth behind a global war

I can see it in my head
I know we're better
Better off dead
I can see it in my head
I know we're better
Better off...

Running from reality
Clinging to democracy
Looking for the enemy
Maybe we can run and hide
Away from having to decide
Time to pick a fuckin' side

Our Father
A Murder
A Conquest
Free People
Sheep Herder
A Martyr
World Order

I can feel it in my bones
I know I'm in this all alone
This generation is fucked
This planet is so goddamn lost
Track Name: Fatal Run
I'm screwed
Head tattooed
Everything to lose
There's nothing left for me
But these couple of brews
I'm screwed
Destined to
Destined to just lose
Everything is thrown away
There is nothing to prove

My life is headed towards a fatal run
My life's imbedded in what I've become
Confront shit head on and never fuckin' run
Razorblade in my hand, don't play fuckin dumb

My phone don't ever work
You know I'm off the grid
I'm in the cut lowkey
Always on some shit
They say I'm losing it
I'm never having fun
But I don't give a shit
'Cause my life's a fatal run
Track Name: Half-Mast White Flags
What if I told you
It’s in your home?
Watching you watch it, you’re not alone
Distorting lives
Programming minds
Manipulating humankind

[While we lose this war they place their bets]
We are all just minor threats
[Flashing lights, lifeless eyes]
Electrify our mundane lives
[Your big brother knows what’s best]
We are all just minor threats
[Half-mast white flags]
This is despotism cast

Why do we worship wealth and fame?
Why do we play their game?
Cultural engineers
Obey, consume their ideas? No!

So don’t you think
or touch that dial
Keep marching single file
The sound of boots pounds the street
A war to make us obsolete

We are all just minor threats
We are all just minor threats
We are all just minor threats
We are all just minor fucking threats
Track Name: Scene Killer / Plain Sight
I'm not like you and I don't like the confusion
I won't feed into your obvious delusion
I'm not like you, you will never be like me
You'll never be like me

People come people go
Too quick to really fuckin' know
Who they are, what they do
But they want to be like you
Steal your style, steal your scene
Steal your hate for the machine
Leave disgrace in its place
Then they're gone without a trace

I'm not like you because I live the life I say
This ain't some joke and it isn't just a phase
I'm not like you and that will never change
That will never change

I can't hide, I despise
People that pretend and lie
Who they are where they're from
Don't give in don't play dumb
Can't escape can't avoid
People destined to destroy
From below and above
Everything you fuckin' love

I am devoid of light
I am the thing that keeps you up at night
I'm hidden in plain sight
You want to change?
I'm always down for a fight
You can't get rid of me
I am the darkness in everything you see
Controlling every thought
You'll find me where your life is lost

(I am you) I can't think straight
(I am you) Going nowhere
(I am you) Feel a change
(I am you) It's too late now

Submit to me
I'll set you free
Track Name: Our Brother
A man must feel the chains of slavery before he can be free
All the struggles we’ve endured
Amount to something more than words

You fought a battle most don’t win
But still you shined bright at the end
A light that can’t be faked or taught
That can’t be stolen away from us

A man can lose his mind trying to understand why people die
Why good men go and bad men thrive
Why do we struggle to survive?

I've lived enough to understand
Death is just part of the plan
It’s not about how long, how much
But who we were and who we touched

A man should not measure success
By who is with us at our best
But who is with us at the end
When we're down and out and nothing’s left

Some men live and some men die
Some face the truth and some men lie
Some walk their paths alone inside
We walk with brothers by our side

Even though you're gone, the world will hear your song
Track Name: Last Chance
We're running out of time
Open your fuckin' eyes
We feed our own demise
We've become what we despise
It's time to right our wrongs
Reverse what we have done
Before we're fuckin' gone
One last chance to overcome

Find something to die for

There's no one left to blame
No god no state no race
The answer's been the same
Staring us right in the face
Can't save ourselves from this
Conditioned selfishness
Not with a fuckin' wish
Cross your fingers, hold your dick

We're running out of time
We're running out of time
We're running out of time
We're running out of time
Track Name: The Americanist
We make the bastards rich
And we fight their wars
They're selling us their shit
And we’re begging them for more
Even if you wake up
You can never win
This is what it's like to be American

And I can't seem to find my way out
Of the cage they built for me
I pledge to poverty and privilege in the land of the free

They’re forcing us to lie, forcing us to choose
Even if you wake up, you will always lose
Even if you fight, you will never win
This what it's like to be a human being

And I can't seem to find my way out
Of the cage they built for me
I pledge to no one but myself
In this life I die free

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