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Born into this life alone
We find a place to call our own
They separate and teach us hate
Vaccinate indoctrinate
Politics and religion
Media is brainwashing
Ain't no time for thinking
When you're meant to be a citizen

Sometimes I feel dead inside
I have no feelings I try and hide
For happiness I'll wait my turn
Until then I will burn

Grow up grow up gotta get old
Just stay in line and do what you're told
Slave to buy what they have sold
Conform to fit into their mold
I can't go on living this way
I wasn't meant to live this way
I can't go on another day
I guess I'll have to wait and bleed

I burn for you!

Insanity it seems has got me in this fucked reality
Forced into confirmity I can't escape
I cannot breathe
I'll never see the end of this
I'll never know a day of bliss
I'll never understand what all these people have
That I have missed

Living just to die in vain
Dying to escape the pain
The same old song, the same refrain
It's fucking pointless anyway
People they will never change
Never bend and never break
Think you're real, you're fucking fake
Trust me that was my mistake

Watch you walk down a path of pain
Watch you burn in flames
Watch you live your life in shame
Watch you burn in flames


from Death, Destruction, Chaos, Filth & Greed, released November 18, 2016


all rights reserved


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